Lesson 1 - Intermediate

Affirmative Statements with Professions / Comprehension

Let’s improve our comprehension skill by doing the following exercise in which we’re going to identify some professions and occupations in English.


We’ll start talking about the vocabulary of some professions and differences that we could have like:  Professor and Teacher, Chef and Cook, Doctor and Nurse.


After seen the vocabulary, we’ll go through the comprehension exercise in which you are supposed to identify the right profession according to the given sentences. I’ll make some of them, but the rest will be made by you. 


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    Marlen (viernes, 07 febrero 2020 00:06)

    It was fun, thank you I enjoyed the exercises

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    Rebeca (miércoles, 29 enero 2020 15:41)

    Me gustó mucho, disfruto mucho aprender con usted. Saludos.

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    jose muñoz suanes (domingo, 05 enero 2020 13:18)

    no es una opinion sobre la leccion.
    quiero hacer una preguna sobre como suscribirme a las lecciones en vivo y no veo como

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    Ana Gloria Cervantes Guerrero (lunes, 09 diciembre 2019 15:18)

    I liked this lesson I understand teacher thank you, so much.

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    Javier Marrone (viernes, 15 noviembre 2019 18:02)

    Pacho, no puedo acceder al video. ¿Hay algún problema en la pagina?