Lesson 4 - Intermediate

Relative Clauses and Relative Pronouns - Where, Who, Which, Whom, Whose.

Whom, Where, Which, Whose, Who, and That, are relative clauses that we can use in English to connect or join a sentence.

In today’s class, we’ll talk about the three different ways to use a relative pronouns:


1. To replace a subject.

2. To connect two or more independent clauses.

3. To give additional information about the subject or subjects of the sentence.


We’ll see how to use relative clauses and pronouns in English within a short text, and we’ll join and give additional information to the clauses that we’ll find in it.


In this opportunity, we have one story written in two different ways, without relative clauses or pronouns, and with relative clauses and pronouns. I expect you can see the difference between them.


I expect you to have the class and enjoy it!


Worksheet to practice and results:
Intermediate Level - Lesson 4 - Relative
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    Marlen (miércoles, 12 febrero 2020 23:43)

    Interesante, Es un buen reto aprender esta temática. Gracias!
    Solo una duda, no es "her friend Edgar" es amigo de ella?

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    Hdhrhrhhr (martes, 05 noviembre 2019 14:02)