Lesson 6 - Intermediate

Old habits with USED TO – Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative, and Answers.


There are 3 different ways to talk about USED TO. To talk about Old habits, habituation process, and new habits.

In this class, we’ll talk about USED TO when referring to old habits, situations that happened at any time in the past but they don’t happen at the present.


We’ll learn how to make the different sentences with USED TO, affirmative, negative, interrogative, interronegative, and the possible answers. 


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Lesson 6 - Old habits with USED TO – Aff
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    Perfecta la explicación, como siempre¡¡¡¡ Una duda, si hago la oración en presente, es decir, "Los hombres suelen llevar el cabello corto", se utiliza "use to" o "usually". Gracias¡¡¡