Lesson 7 - Intermediate

How to use USED TO with WH QUESTIONS – What, Where, Who, How, Why, etc.


Wh Questions are frequently used and combined when making questions, that’s why it is important to complement our classes by applying them during the questions.


Remember that there are two types of questions, object and subject. The ones we tend to use the most are the Object Questions; however, it is very important to know how to make Subject questions. As a reminder, we saw that class in the basic course and this is the link: http://bit.ly/2pHEXIW


In this class, we’ll have 5 different sentences which are the answers to the questions and we’ll create the questions to each one of those answers. There will be a structure as a tool for you to follow that will help you create the questions.


Worksheet to practice and results:
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LESSON 7 – How to use USED TO with WH QU
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Worksheet to practice and results:
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LESSON 7 – How to use USED TO with WH QU
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    Raúl (miércoles, 17 junio 2020 14:49)

    Respuesta: who did use to take off their shoes at the door?

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    orquidea ortega rojas (viernes, 05 junio 2020 01:21)

    edwin ,creo que la respuesta correcta es:


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    Berzabeth (lunes, 27 abril 2020 19:36)


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    Edwin Varela (lunes, 27 enero 2020 09:58)

    Who did use to take off the shoes at the door?
    That's right?
    Saludos desde Venezuela pacho y agradecido por la dedicación en cada una de tus clases... He aprendido muchísimo