Lesson 8 - Intermediate

There used to be in affirmative, negative, interrogative, and answers

There used to be is an expression that implies the usage of “used to” but it has a different meaning which we’ll talk about in this class.


There used to be is often used when we want talk about something that existed in the past but is no longer in the present. Adverbs of time that express an indefinite period of time like: long ago, long time ago, in the past, a few years ago, some weeks ago: are often mixed with this form.


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    Hugo A. Gallardo (miércoles, 25 diciembre 2019 15:45)

    Hola Pacho. Tus clases son fabulosas y muy didácticas. Creo que hay un error en el ejercicio 2. Da como respuesta correcta la opción a cuando en la misma tenemos un did y un used - para mí la correcta es la b. Checkéalo y si estoy equivocado dime el porque. Gracias!

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    Alex (sábado, 14 diciembre 2019 09:38)

    Very good test

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    Alex (domingo, 10 noviembre 2019 10:15)

    Thank you,, very interesting